Just a Farm in Vernon New Jersey

It’s been a great 2017 season so far for Earthman Farm. We would like to thank all the locals of Vernon NJ, Sussex NJ, Wantage NJ, Lafayette NJ, Hardystown NJ, Franklin NJ, Sparta NJ, Warwick NY and even Newton NJ.   Dennis the “Earthman” really enjoys keeping busy in the garden and when people show up in droves it really shows him that people appreciate getting their groceries the old fashioned way, from the farm to your plate.










Customers have enjoyed the following Vegetables, Flowers and Herbs including:
Tomatoes 🍅
Green Peppers
Potatoes 🥔
Carrots 🥕
Cucumbers 🥒
Swiss Chard
Oregano 🌿
Sunflowers 🌻


Whether you want Dennis to pick the produce for you, or you want to pick it yourself, you will have a great experience at the Earthman Farm.  Thanks to all the friends who keep coming back. If there is something in the garden not available at Earthman Farm, just let Dennis know. He cares about his customers and will consider all requests for the seasons going forward.

Some ideas on the horizon include frozen vegetables such as Kale, Swiss Chard, Tomatoes, Peppers and more. As well as canned items such as Jalapenos, Carrots, Potatoes, Pickled Onions, Pickled Cucumbers and more.

Fruit Trees were planted this year and many will start bearing consistent fruit in the summer of 2019. The selection of fruit will include Peaches, Apricots,Plums, Bartlet Pears,Granny Smith Apples, Honeycrisp Apples, Mcintosh Apples and Cherries.


Firewood is available as well. As of right now it is pickup only. Most of our local Sussex County customers have come by with their truck and loaded their bed with a 1/2 cord of wood. The wood is good Seasoned Hardwood. The quality can not be beat.


The best time to visit us is Saturdays, Sundays and Wednesdays. Typically from dawn to dusk is when you will find Dennis out there.  Otherwise you can view the hours listed on our site. Another indicator the farm is open is when you see the farm sign outside.

Signing off…


Liz (Daughter of Dennis)

“Eyes of the World-Mix” and “Hope Like An Angel” by Laurie Cagno.

Everyone needs to listen to the following songs by Laurie Cagno.  She is a friend of EarthManFarm. Laurie has an amazing voice and is a wonderful Person.  It is a real joy to be in her company.


Eyes of the World-Mix


“Hope Like An Angel” from Dancing Cantos by Laurie Cagno


Pay her a Visit by clicking this link to her Facebook Page